BIKIBOX®, The Bike’s Locker


The BIKIBOX® is a new parking concept for private standard and electric bicycles. It consists of 14 individual, secure lockers for storing a bicycle and a cyclist’s full equipment (helmet, backpack, jacket, and shoes).

The metal BIKIBOX® is made of 100% recyclable materials (steel, aluminium, wood and polyester) on a self-bearing structure so that it can be moved.

To make the most of the available space and places of the BIKIBOX®, we designed an option to equip it with two 4 m² LED screens or two 2 m² LCD screens for displaying adverts or public service messages. We have introduced a shared-revenue business model.

This system will not only alleviate the initial contractual monthly financial burden over the 5 year period of the vendor lease to break even very rapidly, but will also and above all generate a return on investment. Furthermore, additional revenue can be generated by selling subscriptions for short, medium and long term use. New developments are currently under way, such as the E-BIKIBOX® and the BIKIBUS®.