The BIKIBOX® (BKB-MW14 model) is built on a galvanised steel metal structure so that it can be moved (mobile structure).

The topcoat colour is left up to the customer, but must correspond to an RAL reference (supplement for fluorescent colours).


The BIKIBOX® consists of 14 individual, secure lockers for storing a standard or electric bicycle, as well as a cyclist’s full equipment (helmet, backpack, jacket, and shoes).

Each bicycle is stored vertically in the BIKIBOX® by an automatic lifting system (gas jack) cable for lifting all bicycles weighing up to 35 kg.


Each locker is equipped with an HPL door mounted on 3 hinges and fitted with a digital (electromechanical) lock with a digital (electromechanical) locking device.


The locker is lighted individually by an LED lamp, activated by a movement detector.


The floor is made of duckboard so that rain water on the bicycles and equipment can be drained. The lockers are ventilated naturally through the floor and roof.


The internal partitions of the BIKIBOX® are in autoclaved solid wood (northern pink pine), which ensures total privacy for the locker.


The BKB-M14 is 13.50 m² on the floor, for a ratio of 0.96 m² /bicycle.

A free surface area of 8.10 m² is needed in front of the two door facades to access the different lockers easily.

A total ground surface area of 29.70 m² is needed to install the lockers.


Potential buyers of the BIKIBOX® (BKB-MW14 model) are in the private sector and comprise:

    •  private companies
    •  public transport companies
    •  parking managers