We offer an annual maintenance and after-sales service contract.


The maintenance and upkeep service is intended to keep the BIKIBOX® in good operating and security conditions. It comprises the following operations:

1. Adjustment, lubrication of the mechanical parts, regulation of lifters and doors

2. Replacement of defective parts. The replacement parts will be supplied and guaranteed by the supplier.


The maintenance and upkeep service does not include:

1. The supply, verification and regular maintenance of the physical environment of the BIKIBOX® (space, electricity, etc.)

2. The breakdown service, as well as any operation proper of the BIKIBOX® must be set out in a separate agreement by and between the parties

3. The delivery or exchange of accessories or supplies other than worn parts replaced under guarantee

4. The exterior cleaning, burnishing or painting of the BIKIBOX®

5. The moving or installation of the BIKIBOX®